Amulet Jewellery


The most recent addition to the design collective is the newly formed Amulet Jewellery by Susie Cropper.  No stranger to the world of jewellery, Susie began her first jewellery business in the early 90s travelling alone to India and setting up ‘The Bead Company’.  She has recently designed a range of pendants based on the idea of protective Amulets.  Originally amulets were worn to ward off negative energy in Roman and Egyptian times.  Modern day amulets come in many different forms but it is Susie’s intention to produce jewellery that can be worn as reminders of good fortune.  After reading the book ‘Lucky Bitch’ Susie was convinced that a range of ‘Yes’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘Love’ symbolic jewellery had to be developed.  ‘There’s so much talk about mental health’ Susie mentions ‘but what are we doing to actually focus on good things?  I think it takes work and daily practices such as meditation, goal setting, vision boards and yes – ‘good luck amulets’ to really get what you want.  Without these constant reminders directing your vision, it’s very easy to slip into a world of negativity’.